‘The party that we need’

Saturday January 8 – Sunday January 9

Saturday 8th

10am – Party and programme: why the contemporary left fails to take programme seriously
Speaker: Kevin Bean
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2pm – 1910 and all that: the republic, the mass strike and the curse of reformism
Speaker: Ben Lewis
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6pm – The Labour Party and its limits: why Labour can never substitute for a Communist Party
Speaker: Jack Conrad
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Sunday 9th

10am – How broad frontism requires top down bureaucratic controls
Speaker: Mike Macnair
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2pm – The party we need and internationalism
Speaker: Yassamine Mather
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6pm – COP26, climate crisis and the necessity of a Communist Party
Speaker: Tam Dean Burn
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Organised by CPGB: communistparty.co.uk and Labour Party Marxists: www.labourpartymarxists.org.uk