Winter CU 2021

Friday January 8 – Sunday January 10 2021
After the US presidential election Consequences and considerations

Friday January 8

6pm: The crisis in the United States and prospects for the left
Speaker: Donald Parkinson
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Saturday January 9

10am: System and hegemons – can relative decline be reversed?
Speaker: Hillel Ticktin
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2pm: The continuing ethnic cleansing of Palestine
Speaker: Ilan Pappé
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6pm: The bankruptcy of left Labourism
Speaker: Jack Conrad
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Sunday January 10

10am: The Middle East after the US elections
Speaker: Moshé Machover and Yassamine Mather
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2pm: Party and programme
Speaker: Mike Macnair
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6pm: China and the west – crossroads of civilisation
Speaker: Peter Nolan
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