Come to Communist University 2023 running from 12 to 19 August!

What is Communist University?

CU is different from the run-of-the-mill schools put on by other left groups, in that plenty of time is allocated to contributions from the floor. Controversial debate is positively welcomed and, needless to say, there are no one-minute time limits. Moreover, critical thinking is encouraged, as can be seen by our impressive list of speakers each and every year.

If you want to have an idea of the wide array of subjects discussed at CU? You’re in luck! You can view our extensive video archive, covering our schools since 2008, over at our video archive.

On top of that, there is the possibility to spend the entire week in our accommodations where you’ll share in camaraderie and the communally prepared meals with communists from the United Kingdom and abroad! Furthermore, we end each CU with our Summer Offensive Meal, an extravagant ending of our annual three-month Summer Offensive fund drive.

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Saturday August 12

The Bolshevik Adjustment, Was the October Revolution legitimate?
Lars T. Lih – Zoom link

No Time Like the Present: End of the Roadshow.
Tam Dean Burn – Zoom link

Sunday August 13

The revolutionary origins of language: how did we learn to speak
Chris Knight – Zoom link

The rise and rise of the far right
David Broder – Zoom link

Labour and price: a simple by-pass round an old conumdrum
Moshé Machover – Zoom link

Monday August 14

Clara Zetkin and The Womens’ and Women Workers’ Question of Our Time
Ben Lewis – Zoom link

The pro-war ‘left’: the necessity of drawing hard lines of demarcation against social imperialists
Colin Turner of Communist Platform – Netherlands – Zoom link

The CPGB 1920-1941: unity and its travails
Lawrence Parker – Zoom link

Tuesday August 15

Capitalism in the twenty first century
Michael Roberts – Zoom link

‘For Stalin and the Tsar’: red-brown politics in modern Russia
Edmund Griffiths – Zoom link

Marx, Faraday and the spectral objectivity of value
Ian Wright – Zoom link

Wednesday August 16

Are human beings about to be superseded by AI?
Yassamine Mather – Zoom link

Turkey: how not to stop the far right
Essen Uslu – Zoom link

Prospects for the DSA
Joseph Perez of Marxist Unity Group – USA – Zoom link

Thursday August 17

Iran protests and the failures of the Iranian left
Yassamine Mather – Zoom link

What’s left of Corbyinism: why the official Labour left has been so useless?
Tina Werkmann and Kevin Bean – Zoom link

The challenge of communist unity
Mike Macnair – Zoom link

Friday August 18

The struggle for reproductive rights in the early communist movement and its relevance for today
Anne McShane – Zoom link

Nato’s proxy war in Ukraine and its strategic goal: encircling and strangling China
Jack Conrad – Zoom link

Socialism and bourgeois feminism: from Marx and Engels to the Second International
Marc Mulholland – Zoom link

Saturday August 19

Leaving deserts behind: ecological destruction in the ancient world
Mike Macnair – Zoom link

Climate crisis and the limits of protest politics
Jack Conrad – Zoom link

Communist University – Summer 2023

Address: International Student House, 229 Great Portland Street, London W1 (nearest tube: Great Portland Street)


  • Full week, including accommodation in en suite rooms: £250 (£150 unwaged). Solidarity price: £300.
  • First/final weekend, including one night’s accommodation: £60 (£30).
  • Full day: £10 (£5).
  • Single session: £5 (£3).

Make payments to account ‘Weekly Worker’. Account number: 00744310. Sort code: 30-99-64. Please quote payment reference ‘CU2023’
Email your booking, stating single or double room, to: