Due to COVID-19, Communist University 2020 will be held online 14th to 22nd August 2020 

We have an amazing list of speakers including:

John Riddell, Lars T Lih, Dan Lazare, Ilan  Pappé,  Moshe Machover,  Marcel Van Der Linden, Hillel Ticktin, Paul Kelemen, Chris Knight, Michael Roberts, Ian Wright,  Jack Conrad, Mike Macnair, Yassamine Mather


 Times are in British Summer Time (UTC+1)

10:00 – 12:30
10am – 12.30 pm
4.30pm – 7pm

14 August

The Crisis of the Labour Left
Jack Conrad
How the united front policy took shape
John Riddell
15 August
Palestine/Israel: illusions, solutions and demands
Moshé Machover
The unwritten constitution: the birth of Soviet Russia in March 1917
Lars T Lih
16 August
The post-pandemic economy: will the capitalist economy recover quickly, will it return to ‘normal’? If not, what will be different if and when the pandemic ends? What are the unresolved contradictions ahead?
Michael Roberts
Theorising the US constitution
Daniel Lazare
17 August
Britain’s Israel: what does it stand for?
Paul Kelemen
The Ongoing Ethnic cleansing of Palestine.
Ilan Pappé
18 August
The nature of the transition period: where is it going?
Hillel Ticktin
Workers and revolutions: a historical paradox
Marcel van der Linden
19 August
Can Brexit reunite Ireland?
James Harvey
Did gender egalitarianism make us human?
Camilla Power
20 August
Iran – Trump and Israel
Yassamine Mather
Growth, ‘degrowth‘ and planning
Mike Macnair
21 August
Did matriarchy ever exist?
Chris Knight
Covid-19 and pandemics
Mohsen Shahmanesh
22 August
What is abstract labour, and who does the abstracting?
Ian Wright

We will use Zoom meetings and webinar.
Please email us if you intend to come for one session,
one day or all week. office@cpgb.org.uk.

For a flavour of previous years, check out the videos in our video archive.

Email office@cpgb.org.uk to confirm your reservation . This year’s CU is free of charge online.

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