The Arab revolution

On March 27 2011 Israeli socialist Moshe Machover addressed a meeting of the CPGB. He argues that with the involvement of UN and Nato forces, the Libyan revolution had already been lost. The only solution now is an Arab-wide revolution.

Capitalism’s crisis: How do we organise?

Capitalism is facing its greatest global crisis since the 1930s. It is quite clear that the ruling class currently has no strategy to deal with the crisis beyond ‘muddling through’.

But what about our side – the working class movement internationally? Clearly, we face a crisis of our own with the workers’ movement and the left are both in very weak positions globally.

What is to be done if we are to overcome this so that the working class can effectively fight back against the crisis and begin to re-articulate a serious international project to positively overcome a declining capitalist system synonymous with war, exploitation and ecological disaster?

This was the topic at the final session of the CPGB’s annual school – the Communist University – which was held in London from august 8-15. Four speakers took part in a panel discussion:

Ben Lewis (CPGB)
Hillel Tickin (Editor, Critique)
Moshe Machover (Israeli socialist and founder of Matzpen)
Chris Knight (Radical Anthropology Group)

The Israeli-Jewish working class

Moshé Machover addresses Communist University 2009 on the nature of the the Israeli-Jewish working class, looking in particular at the nature of Zionism, the effects of privatisation on the class structure of Israel and the role of ‘identity politics’.