‘Their socialism and ours’
January 13 -15

CPGB and LPM are proud to announce that we will once again be holding a special winter school – Communist University Winter 2023.

From January 13-15 there will be 7 sessions all centred around the theme of ‘Their socialism and ours’. All sessions will be held online via Zoom. Registration will be required in advance.

CU 2023 Winter TIMETABLE


Start time (GMT)


Friday 13th

19:00 Marx and his dictatorship of the proletariat
Speaker: Marc Mulholland
[Register here]

Saturday 14th


Original Communism: When everyone is King, no-one is King
Speaker: Chris Knight (Radical Anthropology Group)
[Register here]


The USSR and Bureaucratic Socialism
Speaker: Jack Conrad
[Register here]

Whatever happened to ‘third world socialism’?
Speaker: Yassamine Mather
[Register here]

Sunday 15th 10:00

Climate socialism
Speaker: Jack Conrad
[Register here]


Labour’s ‘Socialism’
Speaker: Kevin Bean
[Register here]


Our Socialism
Speaker: Mike Macnair
[Register here]

*** This timetable is only provisional and maybe subject to change ***

Fringe meetings

We are proud to announce that after a long absence due to Covid, fringe meetings are making a return to Communist University.
The Marxist Unity Reading Group will host a special one-off online discussion of Mike Macnair’s 2011 Critique article ‘Historical blind alleys: Arian kingdoms, Signorie, Stalinism‘.
Time: January 14th, 20:00 PM (London time)
Zoom joining link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84355464699?pwd=a2JQQmZhMEk0V1k1TGZ6VHhNdXFRZz09

You can download a Word file of the text here

Join the Marxist Unity Reading Group Discord server:  https://discord.gg/Db7wSJ67KN

For a flavour of previous years, check out the videos in our CU video archive